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JULY 2011

Today's Highlight

Claypot Hotpot and BBQ Highlight, Special Offers!

Claypot Hotpot and BBQ Dim Sum Highlight – Made to Order!

Claypot Hotpot and BBQ brand new service - All you can eat BBQ!


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Exclusive Discounts for Our Wingtat Members!

ClayPot Hotpot and BBQ

We are delighted to welcome our newest merchant member - Claypot Hotpot and BBQ, providing the following exclusive discounts and benefits to our Wingtat's members.

Contact Us:
Address: #105 - 8291 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC
Phone: 604-284-5181

Hours of Operation:
DimSum Service Monday-Sunday: 10am–3:30pm
Hotpot Service Monday-Sunday: All-day Service
BBQ Service Monday-Thursday: 5pm-12am / Friday-Sunday: 5pm-1am


Special Deal! Claypot HotPot

-- Hand-made meat balls & Special Poultry --

Our chef special meat balls are all hand-made by top quality meat, with finest ingredients. It makes difference in taste, freshness, and tenderness. In addition, all our chicken products are supplied by WINGTAT, well-known for its freshness, tastes, texture, low cholesterol and low fat content.

All you can eat Hotpot - All day service -
$18.95/ person + $1 for unlimited pop or plum drink

Exclusive Member Deals!
From 10am to 3:30pm - 10% off !
After 5pm - 5% off!

Dim Sum Service - Made to Order!

-- Traditional Dimsum & Chinese Tea -- Eight MUST-TRY Dimsum:

  • [Steamed Rice Roll w/ Fish Paste in Bead Curd]
  • [Steamed Chinese Sponge Cake Roll ]
  • [Steamed Turnip Cake]
  • [Steamed Dumpling w/ Quail Egg]
  • [Steamed Chicken Bun]
  • [Steamed Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf]
  • [Baked Empress Bun w/ BBQ Pork]
  • [Street Style Spicy Siu Mai]

Exclusive Member Deals!
Dim Sum Service From 10am to 3:30pm - 10% off !

All you can eat BBQ

Brand new all you can eat BBQ service. Numerous variety of marinated meats, seafood, and vegetables to choose from: Chicken Wings / Beef Short-Ribs / Steaks / Pork Chops / Sausages / Hand-made Meatballs / Oysters / Prawns / Mussels / Squid / Mini Octopus / Salmon Head / Assorted Mushrooms / Pumpkin Slices / Yam Slices / Corns / and MORE.

Also a variety of special appetizers to start: Steamed Fish Dumplings / Edamame / Fries / Curry Fishballs / Chinese Dumplings / Imitation Shark Fin

All you can eat BBQ
$22/person + $1 for unlimited pop or plum drink

Exclusive Member Deals!
After 5pm - 5% off!

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