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May 2017
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Wingtat Members’ 「Love our Mommies 」 Shopping Party & Lucky Draw! Wingtat Members’ Online Store: March’s Favorite Products
Wingtat Sliced Meat Products: Sliced Pork & Sliced Lamb Added to Collection! Wingtat Young Duck Products: Breasts, Legs, Wings & Bones
Wingtat Silkie Chicken Products: Silkie Chicken Breast Added to Collection! Wingtat Kitchen’s May Recipe
Modern Mommies Recommended Recipe for New Moms Wingtat Products in Hong Kong
New Merchant Shop to Wingtat Membership!

Welcome to Wingtat’s 72nd eNews Issue!
Wingtat wishes every mom a lifetime of happiness and health. Wingtat Members’「Love our Mommies 」 Shopping Party and Lucky Draw continues this month to celebrate Mother’s Day with our Members. Wingtat Members can now enjoy Double Happiness Offer upon purchase of Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken (Family Value Pack), Wingtat Silkie Chicken Breasts and Wingtat Duck Bones, as well as Gift Offers with purchase of $100 or more! This month, Wingtat Kitchen is recommending two refreshing Spring recipes for your family, and Modern Mommies introduce Quail Soup with Lotus Root and Dried Oyster to celebrate Mother's Day! Lastly, as a friendly reminder to our fans in Hong Kong, a great selection of Wingtat Products is being sold at Yata Supermarkets in Hong Kong!

1. Order Start Date: Friday, Apr 14th.
    (Good Friday)

2. Order Deadline: Sunday, May 14th.
    (Sunday before the pick-up date)

3. Payment & Order Pick-up Date:
    Thursday, May 18th(Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm)
(The Thursday after Mother’s Day)

Please note that the order pick-up date for this Shopping Party is May 18th, 2017, not the regularly scheduled last Thursday of the month.

To celebrate Mother’s Day with our Members, Wingtat will be having a lucky draw to win great prizes for moms and families to enjoy! With every $50 of products ordered from Wingtat Members ' Online Shopping Store, Members will receive one automatic entry into the lucky draw. 5 Members will be randomly drawn to win one of the following prizes:

otic $250 Forum Home Appliance Gift Card
otic $100 Eyestar Optical Gift Certificate
otic $100 Pricesmart Gift Card
otic $100 T&T Gift Card
otic $100 SCWH Gift Certificate
All winners will also receive Wingtat Kitchen Helper Oven Mitt.

The following three product offers come in pairs! Enjoy double happiness!

1. Family Value Pack of Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken (2 x Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken, frozen) for only $15/pack.
Regular price: $10/chicken. Limited quantities, while supplies last.

2. Silkie Chicken Breasts (2 packs per set, frozen) for $15/set! (Regular price: $10 per pack)

3. Duck Bones (2 packs per set, frozen) for $15/set!
(Regular price: $10/pack)

With Members' minimum order of $100, receive one Wingtat Kitchen Helper Oven Mitt. Enter CODE: WT518MA
With Members' minimum order of $200, receive one pack of Duck Bones. Enter CODE: WT518MA
With Members' minimum order of $300, receive one Organic Whole Chicken. Enter CODE: WT518MA

Note: Member can claim one gift only depending on total order amount.

If you have received Wingtat Bonus Cash vouchers during a previous shopping party, please be reminded to use before the expiration date. (Note : One bonus cash voucher can be redeemed for every $50 of products ordered online.)


March's online store top favourites:

First Place: The honourable position of first place for the month of January will remain the same: Wingtat Silkie Chicken. Our Silkie Chicken is popular as eating Silkie can help improve beauty, health and blood circulation. It also strengthens and restores vital energy, treats disorders of the liver, relieves sickness, eliminates fatigue, relieves menstruation symptoms etc. Please note that lately there is wider selection of Silkie Chicken available for consumers to purchase at supermarkets. We would like to remind our loyal consumers that our company is a federal establishment and all our poultry is inspected by the inspectors of Canada Food Inspection Agency. Our Wingtat Silkie is of purest breed and is deep purple black in skin colour. When you purchase our Wingtat branded Silkie Chicken, you are buying the assurance of quality and food safety.

Second Place: After months of being top product, Wingtat Loong Kong Chicken running close to the Wingtat Silkie Chicken this month. All Wingtat Free Run Loong Kong Chicken is raised in healthy and natural environment of Wingtat′s Farms in British Columbia. Because of its thicker meat and layer of fat beneath the skin, it is ideal for deep-frying and roasting, which gives you a gorgeous golden color.

Third Place: Claiming third is our Wingtat Duck Parts Combo (Legs + Breasts + Wings). Simple and convenient to cook; every new cook's favorite as one does not have to deal with a whole duck.

For more information about our online store, click here.

sliced meats banner

Our new packaging for Wingtat Sliced Meats uses a deep sealed tray. On the label, Wingtat has also included Nutritional Fact Table for consumers' reference.

Members can now order Wingtat Sliced Meats via our Wingtat Members' Online Store. It is sold by set of 4 packs of sliced meats. (Note: Each pack now contains minimum 220g of meat.) Wingtat Members’ Price: $ 25 /1set, for $ 45/2 sets (save $ 5), $65 /3 sets (save $ 10).

new Wingtat Sliced Pork
1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Pork, (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
new Wingtat Sliced Lamb
1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Lamb, (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)

Wingtat Sliced Chicken
1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Chicken, (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
Wingtat Sliced Duck
1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Duck, (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
Wingtat Sliced Chicken Glizard
1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Chicken Glizzards, (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
Wingtat Sliced Silkie + Chicken
1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Silkie w/ Chicken, (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
Wingtat Sliced Meats Variety Pack
1 Set = 4 Packs, (1 x Sliced Chicken, 1 x Sliced Duck, 1 x Sliced Pork, 1 x Sliced Silkie w/ Chicken), (product is frozen)
$25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)

new products banner

Wingtat Young Ducks live in large spaced environments, feeding on natural food, though slightly smaller in the size, they have less fat and more nutrition, with extremely delicious taste. Wingtat Young Duck Products are great choices for cooking and making soups.

Here are a few recommended recipes for Wingtat Duck Products.

duck recipe 1 Chinese-Style Brine Duck Breast duck recipe 2 Taro & Duck in

duck recipe 3 Baked Duck Bone & Bok Choy Soup duck recipe 3 Tasty Duck Wings

Wingtat Boneless Duck Breasts
(2 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $15 / pack
Wingtat Duck Legs
(4 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $15 / pack
Wingtat Duck Bones
(3 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $10 / pack
Double Happiness Offer: $15 / set ( 1 set = 2 packs )
Wingtat Duck Wings
(7 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $5 / pack


Wingtat Duck Combo
Wingtat Duck Combo: Duck Breasts + Duck Legs + Duck Wings

$30/combo (save $5 if you buy the combo)

new products banner

Here are a few recommended recipes for Wingtat Silkie Chicken Products.

duck recipe 1
Baked Silkie Chicken Legs with Scallion Noodles
duck recipe 2
Three-Cup Silkie
duck recipe 3
Lemongrass Osmanthus Silkie Chicken Wings
duck recipe 3 Silkie Chicken
Bone Soup

Wingtat Silkie Chicken Legs
(4 chicken legs per pack, product is frozen), $10 / pack
Wingtat Silkie Wings
(8 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $5 / pack
Wingtat Silkie Bones
(8pcs per pack, product is frozen), $10 / pack
new Wingtat Silkie Breast
(2 whole breasts per pack, product is frozen),$10/pack
Double Happiness Offer: $15 / set ( 1 set = 2 packs )


Healthy desserts are enthusiastically expected as a perfect end to each meal. Sweet potato contains dietary fiber which can efficiently improve digestion, while also contains calcium, magnesium and potassium that prevents osteoporosis. It makes the perfect combination with Organic Free Range Eggs! Egg yolk contains lecithin and vitellin that are beneficial for the growth of nerve system. Therefore, when infants are 6 months old, it is encouraged to give them egg yolks as part of daily meals to help brain development and improve memories. One does not want to miss a dessert that is both appealing in appearance and has high nutrition value like this Sweet Potato on Egg Pudding!

Organic Free Range Eggs
(1 Set = 5 Boxes, 1 Box = 12)
Wingtat Members' Price: $25 / 1 Set

Chicken is an ingredient preferred by many housewives for the rich protein and nutrition it contains, which is suitable for each member of the family to enjoy. Since those that are new to cooking are not used to cut whole chicken using knives, Wingtat considerately offers the Sliced Chicken packs, so that they can easily cook a dish that will be enjoyed by the whole family! Wolfberry and edamame not only make the dish colorful, but also raise appetites, as well as improving eye and liver health! This simple dish is easy to digest and provides strength, thus suitable for new moms who have just gave birth to enjoy.

Wingtat Sliced Chicken
(1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Chicken,(PRODUCT IS FROZEN), minimum 220 grams per pack)
Wingtat Members' Price: $25 / 1 Set

Delicious soups are for nourishing your family and refreshing their minds, especially for the elderly and new moms. Quail is a very good ingredient to prepare soups. It is easy to rinse and nutritious at the same time. Dried oyster and lotus root make the soup brothy and sweet, and are both blood tonics which can help new moms enrich their blood and acquire enough iron, so that they have the strength to take care of their newborns. Dried oyster is dried seafood which contains rich protein and provides a soft and smooth taste once used in the soup. Apart from enriching the blood, lotus root can also strengthen the spleen and increases appetite, while the starches it contains can partly replace rice. Furthermore, a fresh and sweet taste is given to the soup by adding in fruit peel, which pairs perfectly well with the Spring season.

Wingtat Quail
6 Quails per pack (PRODUCT IS FROZEN)
Wingtat Members' Price: $10 / pack

Wingtat Products are not only popular among American and Canadian consumers, there is also a high demand for our fine quality Wingtat Poultry Products in Hong Kong. A great selection of Wingtat Canada Poultry Products (including Taiwanese Chicken, Silkie Chicken, Partridge, Quail, etc.) are now available for purchase at Yata Supermarket locations in Hong Kong.

LG, apm, 418 Kwun Tong Rd., Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3955-1818

MIKIKI LG 638 Prince Edward Road E,
San Po Kong, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2350 8888

G/F, V City, 83 Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road,
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Tel: + 852 2451 3988


Yata Supermarket brings to the town a brand new Japanese ‒ style supermarket originated from its philosophy of “Enjoying the excitement of Modern Japanese lifestyle”. From store decoration to merchandise selections, each store is just unique to suit the local taste. Gourmet from Japan and all over the world freshly arrives everyday, special food promotions and food stalls showcases the trend in town and the best in taste.

English site:

Chinese site:

Matt Daniel Elite Golf Academy

Matt Daniel Elite Golf Academy provides multi-different locations (Richmond and North Vancouver) outdoor practice facilities, Pitch & putt 9 hole golf course, latest indoor leading technology golf simulation analysis system and training, and on course golf training and practice facilities.

7388 No.6 Road, Richmond, BC V6W 1E1
700 Apex Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2R5

Tel: 604-518-5783

Wingtat Members will receive $100 off when purchasing a 10-lesson package deal.

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