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November 2019
Chinese Version
Wingtat Game Bird Packers
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​Wingtat Christmas「HO·HO·HO」 Online Shopping Party Wingtat Members’ Online Store: Last Month’s Favourite Products
Wingtat Kitchen’s Nourishing Recipes Wingtat Sponsors AM1320 Radio Program 「Kitchen Talk」Sessions
Wingtat Presents「Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen」TV Cooking Program Wingtat Sponsors「Jenny’s Kitchen」
Wingtat Sponsors「Vancouver LIVERight Gala 2019」 Wingtat Sponsors ICC「Walk the Wall」Charity Event Highlights & Summary
New Membership Merchant: Momento Events Int.
Welcome to Wingtat’s 102nd eNews Issue!

The cool, crisp dry air of November has arrived. Remember to wear your layers to stay warm from the chilly weather. As Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, Wingtat is excited to announce that Wingtat Members' Christmas「HO·HO·HO」Shopping Party will kickstart in the middle of November.  We are excited for our Members to receive their Winter Gift and participate in Members' Lucky Draw. This month, order fine, nutritious Wingtat Products for the upcoming Winter Solstice and all the other family gatherings during the Winter holidays. Wingtat’s Kitchen shares recipes that complement the current season. Remember to stay tuned to AM1320’s Radio Program「Kitchen Talk」on weekdays at 10:30am for Mrs. Chiu’s recommendations of Wingtat’s quality products and delicious recipes. Wingtat's「Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen」will be broadcasted on November 17th and 24th at 8:10pm on Fairchild TV. Sponsored by Wingtat,「Jenny’s Kitchen」is now available for viewing online! Wingtat sponsors「Vancouver LIVERight Gala 2019」which will be held later this month. ICC「Walk the Wall」Fundraiser Event has ended successfully. Wingtat welcomes our New Membership Merchant for this month,「Momento Events Int.」.

Wingtat Members Online Shopping party
  1. Order Start Date: Friday, November 15th
  1. Order Deadline: Sunday, December 15th
    (Sunday before the pick-up date)
  1. Payment & Order Pick-up Date:
    Thursday, December 19th
    (Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm)
Wingtat Members Online Shopping Party September Calendar
Please Note: The busy winter holiday season is approaching; please note that in order for our Members to receive Wingtat Products before Winter Solstice (Dec. 22nd) & Christmas (Dec. 25th), the order pick-up date for this shopping party is Dec. 19th, not the regularly scheduled last Thursday of the month.
Stay tune for our Black Friday Offer coming up later in November.

In celebration of Christmas, Wingtat will be giving away great prizes for Members to enjoy! With every $50 of products ordered from Wingtat Members’ Online Shopping Store, Members will receive one automatic entry into the lucky draw. 5 lucky Members will be randomly selected to each receive a gift bundle of Wingtat Products (around $100 value).

With minimum order of $50 or more on Wingtat Online Shopping Store, Member will receive a set of Wingtat 2020 Calendar (wall, desktop, red pockets) . Only one gift per Member.

Enter Gift Code:WTHOHOHO
  1. Wingtat Small Silkie Chicken Twin Pack
    1 Set = 2 small Silkie Chicken (under 1 pound each)
    With minimum order of $100 or more on Wingtat Online Store, Members can purchase this new product !
  1. Silkie Parts Combo
    1 Set = Silkie Legs (1 pack) + Silkie Breasts (1 pack)
    Save $5 when you purchase the combo.
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Thighs
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    6 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Thighs
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    (Boneless, Skinless)

    9 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Drumsticks
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    6 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 3 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Breasts
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)

    4 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Maple Ridge Specialty Farms Chicken Breasts
    (Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics)
    (Boneless, Skinless)

    4 PCS PER PACK (1 set = 2 packs)
  1. Sliced Beef Rib Eye
    1 Set = 4 Boxes Sliced Beef Rib Eye
    Buy More, Save More!

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Wingtat Members online Store Last Months Favorite Products
Wingtat Last Months Top Favorites

For more information about our online store, click here.

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Wingtats Kitchen

When the weather turns cold, this is the best time to nourish our lungs. Our lungs are directly linked to the immune functions of our body; if our lungs are healthy, we will get sick from cold or flu less often and we will be more resistant to germs and viruses. According to Chinese herbalists, ‘white-colored’ food can rejuvenate our lungs, therefore pseudostellaria, glutinous rice and astragalus root are all excellent ingredients to be put in the soup; they can help tone our muscles, nourish the spleen and lungs, and enhance body’s immunity. Glutinous rice can also improve the skin tone in balancing oil secretion, resulting in younger looking skin! Pseudostellaria is suitable for all ages in being the nutritional ingredient in replenishing our lungs. Silkie Chicken’s meat is more nutritional than other chicken because it is made up of the smallest molecule comparatively, making it to be easily absorbed by the stomach. This soup is a great additional for your autumn and winter recipes in protecting the health of all your family members, young and old!

Wingtat Members' Price: $10 / PACK

Wingtat Members' Price: $85 / CASE

Autumn is the best season to harvest apples. In addition to the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay”, we can also make great use of apples in making wholesome soups for your family. Apple is a fundamental source of high-quality pectin, a water-soluble fiber that lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, while also helps the body’s absorption of iron and folic acid. Hawthorn tastes slightly sour but can increase appetite, clear body fat and detoxify the body. South almonds are sweet and can nourish the lungs and eliminate phlegm. The size of Cornish Hen is ideal for making this tasty chicken broth. A bowl of slightly sweet flavored soup with aroma of both fruit and chicken meat is the best delicacy for autumn and winter!

Braising is a traditional cooking method, allowing the ingredients to slowly simmer in the cooking pots in combining different flavors together in creating a mouth-watering dish. This recipe is a perfect example. Mushrooms are known as super foods over the recent years. According to a survey conducted in Singapore, eating about 300 grams of mushroom per week can decrease 50% chance of developing cognitive impairment! The shape of the oyster mushroom is like an umbrella with smooth texture; the texture of the king oyster mushroom is thick, and the dried black mushroom is rich in aroma and can benefit the stomach and lower blood pressure. The three kinds of mushroom extracts are infused in the tender chicken under the slow fire and simmered, making this a memorable dish for all to enjoy!

Wingtat Members' Price: $80 / CASE


Kitchen Talk

AM1320From Monday to Friday at 10:30 am, stay tuned for Wingtat’s sponsored AM1320 Radio Program "Kitchen Talk", Mrs. Chiu will recommend numerous delicious recipes for you!

Click on the dates to listen to previous month's broadcast sessions. This radio program is broadcasted in Cantonese.

Oct 22nd Purple Yam with Chicken Congee Angus Chiu
Oct 18th Sliced Lamb with Vermicelli Pot Stew
Oct 17th Baked Chinese Yam with Egg
Oct 16th Cornish Hen Soup with Sarsaparilla Root
Oct 9th Sliced Lamb Curry Soup
Oct 4th Pear and Egg Drop Dessert Soup
Oct 3rd Pork Nanbanzuke
Oct 2nd Hot and Sour Chicken Pot

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At the end of September, in combination with “Alice’s Royal Feast”, Alice Chan also filmed "Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen". Alice searched throughout the city for Canadian ingredients and used them to create simple-to-make and unforgettable delicacies.  Alice used Wingtat Products to cook Baked Quail with Honey & Yogurt, Beer Braised Young Duck, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Coconut Silkie Chicken Soup. During the filming of the program, Alice invited her friends, including Anita Lee and Dino Acconci (from the Band Soler), to taste her creations and to catch up. This two-episode series of "Alice in Heart to Heart Kitchen" presented by Wingtat, will be broadcasted on November 17th and 24th at 8:10pm on Fairchild TV. This TV program will also be broadcasted on TVB by the end of the year. Please stay tuned and enjoy the show!

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Hosted by famous radio host, Jenny Hong, and sponsored by Wingtat, the cooking show program, "Jenny’s Kitchen" (produced by Singtao A1 Chinese Radio) was broadcasted and now available for viewing online. In the episodes below, Jenny invites reputable Chef Yeung to cook 2 delicious dishes, Braised Bean Paste Chicken and Braised Duck.

Watch the full episodes below!
Please note: the show is recorded and broadcasted in Cantonese.

Jenny's Kitchen - Braised Bean Paste Chicken (Season 1, Episode 4)

Jenny's Kitchen - Braised Duck (Season 1, Episode 5)

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Wingtat is Bronze Sponsor for 2019 LIVERight Gala organized by Canadian Liver Foundation. The gala is a fundraiser in support of liver research and education. It takes place on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. 

More about The LIVERight Gala:

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“Walk the Wall” charity walk is organized by the International China Concern (ICC) and sponsored by Wingtat Game Bird Packers. It is an international fundraising marathon which aims at helping the abandoned and disabled children in China. This year, Walk the Wall Canada has successfully come to an end on September 29th, and raised more than $203,000.

Click here for more detail:

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Momento Events Int.

Momento Events is an emerging high-end event planning company, our mission is to provide custom event planning services for the arts community elites in Greater Vancouver. Our services include balloon arrangements, 100-day banquets, birthday banquets, business events, Chinese and Western food on-site services, venue rentals, performers, MCs and more. We insist that every event must be unique, and every event planned will be customized according to our client’s wish.

Phone: (778) 680-0683


Benefits for Wingtat Members:
Wingtat members enjoy a 10% discount on their booking(s).

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