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Oct 2017
Chinese Version
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Wingtat Members’ October Shopping Party Wingtat Members’ Online Store: September’s Favorite Products
Wingtat Young Duck Products Wingtat Kitchen’s October Recipes
Specialty Chicken & Wonton House featured in new Fairchild TV Program《Food Buzzing》 Wingtat Sponsors: ICC「Walk the Wall」Charity Event Summary
New Merchant Shop to Wingtat Membership!

Welcome to Wingtat’s 77th eNews Issue!
The autumn has arrived. The autumn season is a great time to nourish and prepare for the cold temperature of winter. During October Shopping Party, Members can order nutritious poultry to prepare family members for the cold weather! Enjoy special offers when Members purchase  Wingtat Duck Wings, Wingtat Duck Bones, Wingtat Silkie Chicken - Family Value Pack and Wingtat Silkie Combo.This month, Wingtat Kitchen is recommending two nourishing recipes for your family to enjoy in the colder weather! Stay tuned for Specialty Chicken & Wonton House segment in Fairchild TV Program,《Food Buzzing》on Sunday at 8:10pm, October 22nd! Lastly, Wingtat Members can now enjoy discounted price for drawing lessons at this month’s new Wingtat Membership merchant shop Little Sun Education Center Ltd!!

Wingtat Members’ October Shopping Party

1. Order Start Date: Friday, October 13th.

2. Order Deadline: Sunday, November 5th.
    (Sunday before the pick-up date)

3. Payment & Order Pick-up Date:
    Thursday, November 9th

    (Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm)
(Please note that the order pick-up date for this shopping party is November 9th, 2017, not the regularly scheduled last Thursday of the month.)

The busy and festive holiday season is
      approaching;please note the change in
      schedule for November & December. Our next
      shopping party starts on November 14th, order
      deadline is December 10th, and order pick up
      date is December 14th. Next month, stock up
      on your favorite Wingtat products for Winter Solstace
      (December 21st) and Christmas!

  1. New Perk for Members! If you are new to our online store shopping OR need some help with placing your online order OR you do not have access to computer, you are welcome to drop by our Wingtat Office on the Friday before order cutoff for help with your order.For the shopping party of October, our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you on Friday November 3rd, 11am - 4:00pm.  

  1. Last month, the popular Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken - Family Value Pack, Loong Kong Chicken Upper Thighs, Wingtat Duck Legs, Wingtat Duck Upper Thighs, Wingtat Silkie Legs and Wingtat Partridges are sold out and are currently out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience.

1. Wingtat Duck Wings: Buy One Get One FREE!
Regular Price: $5 / PACK

2.Wingtat Duck Bones: Buy One Get One FREE!
Regular Price: $10 / PACK

3.Wingtat Silkie Chicken - Family Value Pack
(2 x Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken, frozen) for only
$15/pack. Regular price: $9/chicken.
Limited quantity, while supplies last.

4.Wingtat Silkie Combo (Breast + Wings + Bones)
now at $20/set. (Save $5), while supplies last.

With Member’s minimum order of $120, receive a complimentary pack of Wingtat Duck Bones.
Wingtat Duck Bone Recipe: Baked Duck Bone & Bok Choy Soup

Congratulations to the following winners of Members' Autumn Lucky Draw in September:

Back-to-School Gift
(Heavy duty laptop/tablet backpack):

S. KWOK #101648

Moon Gazing Gift
(Portable weber BBQ grill + Camp chair):

W.L. AU #102975


September′s online store top 3 favourites:

First Place: The honourable position of first place for the month of September is the Wingtat Silkie Chicken. Our Silkie Chicken is popular as eating Silkie can help improve beauty, health and blood circulation. It also strengthens and restores vital energy, treats disorders of the liver, relieves sickness, eliminates fatigue, relieves menstruation symptoms etc. Please note that lately there is wider selection of Silkie Chicken available for consumers to purchase at supermarkets. We would like to remind our loyal consumers that our company is a federal establishment and all our poultry is inspected by the inspectors of Canada Food Inspection Agency. Our Wingtat Silkie is of purest breed and is deep purple black in skin colour. When you purchase our Wingtat branded Silkie Chicken, you are buying the assurance of quality and food safety.

Second Place: Wingtat Loong Kong Chicken run close to the Wingtat Silkie Chicken, acquiring a second place this month. All Wingtat Free Run Loong Kong Chicken is raised in healthy and natural environment of Wingtat’s Farms in British Columbia. Because of its thicker meat and layer of fat beneath the skin, it is ideal for deep-frying and roasting, which gives you a gorgeous golden color.

Third Place: Claiming third is our Family Value Pack of Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken. Wingtat Taiwanese Chickens are raised in farms with spacious, natural environments for chickens to freely move and run around. With more area to roam, the chickens receive more exercise and hence the chicken meat is leaner. The Family Value Pack contains two Wingtat Taiwanese Chickens in one pack, providing an even better deal, and is very popular among the customers! Just back in stock in September, and it immediately comes back to the top favourites list!

For more information about our online store, click here.

new products banner

Wingtat Young Ducks live in large spaced environments, feeding on natural food, though slightly smaller in the size, they have less fat and more nutrition, with extremely delicious taste. Wingtat Young Duck Products are great choices for cooking and making soups.

Here are a few recommended recipes for Wingtat Duck Products.

duck recipe 1 Chinese-Style Brine Duck Breast duck recipe 2 Taro & Duck in

duck recipe 3 Baked Duck Bone & Bok Choy Soup duck recipe 3 Tasty Duck Wings

Wingtat Boneless Duck Breasts
(2 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $15 / pack
Wingtat Duck Legs
(4 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $15 / pack

Currently out of stock.
Wingtat Duck Bones Buy One Get One Free
(3 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $10 / pack
Wingtat Duck Wings Buy One Get One Free
(7 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $5 / pack
Wingtat Duck Upper Thighs
(1 Set = 2 packs, product is frozen, 6pcs / pack),
$20 / set

Currently out of stock.


Wingtat Duck Combo
Wingtat Duck Combo: Duck Breasts (2) + Duck Wings(1)

$30/combo (save $5 if you buy the combo)

Wingtat Silkie Combo
Wingtat Silkie Combo: Silkie Breasts + Silkie Wings + Silkie Bones

$20/combo (save $5 if you buy the combo)

"Hairy Figs" are from the Hakka regions in Guangdong province. They moisten lungs to relieve from coughing, lessen the rigidity of muscles and joints. To achieve the desired result, it is best to prepare the soup with chicken. Cornish is the perfect, suitable size. While cooking with hairy figs, the soup will have a hint of coconut smell. Walnuts are good for the brain, with the addition of sweet figs, the soup is more refreshing and flavorful. This is an ideal soup for families to enjoy during the Autumn.

Wingtat Cornish Hen
12 Chickens Per Case (product is frozen)
Wingtat Members' Price: $85 / Case

Wingtat Silkie Chicken has always been one of the most popular products enjoyed by consumers. A clever consumer would know that pure breed Silkie Chicken helps slow down the aging process and provides anti-oxidation protection, while also strengthening the immune system. One of the most important things that parents focus on is to prepare quality, nutritious food for their family; hoping that each family member stay happy, healthy and strong. For the sake of convenience, besides selling Silkie as a whole chicken, Wingtat also sells Silkie Chicken Parts in individual packages. May this appetitizing Korean-style dish with a little heat and flavor, bring joy and warmth to your family.

Wingtat Silkie Breast
2 Whole Breasts Per Pack (product is frozen)
Wingtat Members' Price: $10 / Pack

As a multicultural city, Vancouver is known for its diverse food culture, which offers a wide range of world famous delicacies. You might be accustomed to enjoying tasteful gourmets, but have you imagined broadening your knowledge in Vancouver’s food culture, and exploring the ethnic foods of Eastern and Western cuisines?

An all new food appreciation program,《Food Buzzing》 features 7 young hosts, including Erica Chui, Angus Yam, Suiki Zhang, Manica Ng, Steven Yang, Bridget Tse, and Lily Wong, to explore the culinary backstreets and secrets of Vancouver, in search of the most delicious and distinguished gourmets in town; from poultry to seafood, traditional Chinese cuisine to innovative Japanese cuisine, as well as the most festive food for Mid-Autumn festival, and much more. Each episode will feature popular and special restaurants and hot spots, including local agricultural farm, winery, healthy eatery, and trending food trucks, to discover the hefty plates of the tastiest, most mouth-watering and decadent dishes in town. Let us unveil the wonderful blend of fresh ingredients, cultural influences, and modern techniques behind Vancouver’s unique food culture!

Stay tuned for Specialty Chicken & Wonton House in the new Fairchild TV Show 《Food Buzzing》on Sunday at 8:10pm, October 22nd!

icc walk the wall

The perfect day to celebrate and walk for the hundreds of lives changed and transformed

Little Sun Learning Center

Little Sun Education Center has more than 20 years’ experience, started from drawing lessons and added on Cantonese lessons & Mandarin lessons. In 2017, Gymnastics lessons are added to our class schedule as well.

Unit 300 – 4400 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 3R8

Tel: 604-278-3498


Wingtat Members can enjoy a discounted price of $11 per drawing lesson (original price: $13 per lesson).

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