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Nov 2017
Chinese Version
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Wingtat Members' Christmas「HO・HO・HO」 Shopping Party & Lucky Draw Wingtat Members’ Online Store: November’s Favorite Products
Wingtat Silkie Chicken Products Wingtat Sliced Meat Products
Wingtat Kitchen’s Winter Nourishing Recipes Wingtat-sponsored AM1320 Radio Program "Kitchen Talk"
Specialty Chicken & Wonton House on Fairchild TV New Merchant Shop to Wingtat Membership!

Welcome to Wingtat’s 78th eNews Issue!

Winter has arrived with the early snow, and the holiday season is getting closer! During Christmas「HO・HO・HO」Shopping Party, Members can order your favorite Wingtat Products to prepare meals for Winter Solstice, Christmas & the New Year! Enjoy Winter special offers with purchase of Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken – Family Value Pack, Wintat Silkie Chicken – Family Value Pack, Wingtat Duck Wings and Wingtat Silkie Chicken Combo. Members will be entered into Christmas「HO・HO・HO」Lucky Draw and each receive a Holiday Gift Set during this month’s Shopping Party! This month, Wingtat Kitchen is recommending two nourishing soups to warm your family up during the Winter! Tune into AM1320's "Kitchen Talk" Radio Program every week day morning at 10:30am. Lastly, Wingtat welcomes this month’s newest Wingtat Membership Merchant Shop: LK Semi-Permanent Makeup Beauty & Skin!


Stock up on your favorite Wingtat products in time for Winter Solstice, Christmas & New Year.

November Calendar
1. Order Start Date: Tuesday, November 14th.
2. Order Deadline: Sunday, December 10th.
(Sunday before the pick-up date)
3. Payment & Order Pick-up Date:
Thursday, December 14th.
(Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm)
(Please note that in order for our Members to receive Wingtat products before Winter Solstice & Christmas, the order pick-up date for this shopping party is Dec. 14th, not the regularly scheduled last Thursday of the month.)

*Dec 22nd - Winter Solstice
*Dec 25th - Christmas Day

  1. New Perk for Members! If you are new to our online store shopping OR need some help with placing your online order OR you do not have access to computer, you are welcome to drop by our Wingtat Office on the Friday before order cutoff for help with your order. For the shopping party of November, our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you on Friday December 8th, 11am - 4:00pm.
  1. Wingtat Loong Kong Chicken Upper Thighs, Wingtat Duck Legs, Wingtat Duck Upper Thighs, and Wingtat Silkie Legs are sold out and are currently out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  1. Wingtat Young Duck , is newly added to our online store for Members to purchase. (7 ducks per case, $90/case, product is frozen)
  1. Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken - Family Value Pack and Wingtat Partridges are back in stock for Members to order this month!

This month, with every order of $50, Members will be automatically entered into the lucky draw. The more you buy, the more chance you will get! Place your order by Dec 10th. 5 lucky Members will be randomly drawn to win one of the following prizes. Winners will be notified by telephone call on Dec 11th and receive the prizes on day of order pick up.

wingtat_twc 1 CASE Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken
wingtat_lkc 1 CASE Wingtat Loong Kong Chicken

* With Members’ minimum online purchase of $50 or more, enter Gift Code "WTHOHOHO" nd receive a set of Wingtat Year of Dog ’2018 Calendars and red pockets to welcome the upcoming new year! wtmstore_gift
* With Members' minimum online purchase of $120 or more, Members will also receive $5 Wingtat Bonus Cash! bonus_cash

1.Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken - Family Value Pack
  Back in Stock!
(2 x Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken, frozen)
for only $15/pack. Regular price: $10/chicken.
Limited quantities, while supplies last.
2.Wingtat Silkie Chicken - Family Value Pack
(2 x Wingtat Silkie Chicken, frozen)
for only $15/pack. Regular Price: $9.00 per chicken.
Limited quantities, while supplies last.

3. Wingtat Duck Wings: Buy one, Get one FREE!
4.Wingtat Silkie Combo
(Legs + Wings + Bones) $25/set

This month, receive a BONUS pack of Wingtat Silkie Breast when you purchase the combo!

Give a gift to your family, friends and colleagues, that is delicious & edible----- Specialty Chicken & Wonton House Gift Certificates. Receive two $5 Wingtat Bonus Cash Gift Certificate with every purchase of $100 Specialty Chicken & Wonton House Gift Certificates.

Gift certificates are available in the following denominations:

  • Set of 4 X $25 SCWH Gift Certificate ($100)
  • Set of 2 X $50 SCWH Gift Certificate ($100)
  • Set of 10 X$10 SCWH Gift Certificate ($100)

  • Please note: Specialty Chicken & Wonton House Gift Certificates cannot be used in conjuction with Wingtat Members' 10% discount.

    October′s online store top 3 favourites:

    First Place: The honourable position of first place for the month of October is the Wingtat Silkie Chicken. Our Silkie Chicken is popular as eating Silkie can help improve beauty, health and blood circulation. It also strengthens and restores vital energy, treats disorders of the liver, relieves sickness, eliminates fatigue, relieves menstruation symptoms etc. Please note that lately there is wider selection of Silkie Chicken available for consumers to purchase at supermarkets. We would like to remind our loyal consumers that our company is a federal establishment and all our poultry is inspected by the inspectors of Canada Food Inspection Agency. Our Wingtat Silkie is of purest breed and is deep purple black in skin colour. When you purchase our Wingtat branded Silkie Chicken, you are buying the assurance of quality and food safety.

    Second Place: Wingtat Loong Kong Chicken run close to the Wingtat Silkie Chicken, acquiring a second place this month. All Wingtat Free Run Loong Kong Chicken is raised in healthy and natural environment of Wingtat’s Farms in British Columbia. Because of its thicker meat and layer of fat beneath the skin, it is ideal for deep-frying and roasting, which gives you a gorgeous golden color.

    Third Place: Claiming third is our Wingtat Silkie Chicken - Family Value Pack. At home, silkie is used as a main ingredient in healthy soups. Afterwards, the tender silkie meat can be removed from the soup and served simply with some soya sauce. Silkie Chicken Family Value Pack contains two Wingtat Silkie Chickens; this product is great value and does not take up as much freezer space as Silkie Chicken by the case.

    For more information about our online store, click here.

    Nourishing Silkie Products

    Here are a few recommended recipes for Wingtat Silkie ChickenProducts.

    duck recipe 1 Baked Silkie Chicken Legs with Scallion Noodles duck recipe 2 Three-Cup Silkie Chicken duck recipe 3 Lemongrass Osmanthus Silkie Chicken Wings duck recipe 3 Silkie Chicken Bone Soup

    Wingtat Silkie Chicken Legs
    (4 chicken legs per pack, product is frozen)
    $10 / pack
    Wingtat Silkie Wings
    (8 pcs per pack, product is frozen), $5 / pack
    Wingtat Silkie Bones
    (8pcs per pack, product is frozen), $10 / pack
    Wingtat Silkie Breast
    (2 whole breasts per pack, product is frozen), $10/pack

    Wingtat Silkie Combo

    Wingtat Silkie Combo: Silkie Breasts + Silkie Wings + Silkie Bones


    This month, receive a BONUS pack of Wingtat Silkie Breast when you purchase the combo!

    sliced meats banner

    Wingtat Sliced Meats uses a deep sealed tray. On the label, Wingtat has also included Nutritional Fact Table for consumers' reference.

    Members can now order Wingtat Sliced Meats via our Wingtat Members' Online Store. It is sold by set of 4 packs of sliced meats. (Note: Each pack now contains minimum 220g of meat.) Wingtat Members’ Price: $ 25 /1set, for $ 45/2 sets (save $ 5), $65 /3 sets (save $ 10).

    Wingtat Sliced Chicken
    1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Chicken, (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
    Wingtat Sliced Duck
    1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Duck, (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
    Wingtat Sliced Chicken Gizzard
    1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Chicken Gizzards, (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
    Wingtat Sliced Silkie + Chicken
    1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Silkie w/ Chicken, (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
    Wingtat Sliced Pork
    1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Pork, (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)
    Sliced Pork
    Wingtat Sliced Lamb
    1 Set = 4 Packs Sliced Lamb, (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)

    Wingtat Sliced Meats Variety Pack
    1 Set = 4 Packs, (1 x Sliced Chicken, 1 x Sliced Duck, 1 x Sliced Pork, 1 x Sliced Silkie w/ Chicken), (product is frozen)
    $25 / 1 Set, $45 / 2 Sets (save $5), $65 / 3 Sets (save $10)

    The best way to nourish the body is soups, and the combination of soup ingredients is the key to its effectiveness. Conch is a flavorful seafood; it is rich in protein and nourishes the yin and kidney. Chinese yam has dopamine which helps blood circulation. Makhana is great for strengthening the spleen. Combining these beneficial ingredients with the anti-aging silkie chicken, this soup is not only delicious and flavorful, but also rich in nutrition!

    Wingtat Silkie Chicken Legs
    Wingtat Members' Price: $10 / Pack

    Wingtat Silkie Chicken
    Wingtat Members' Price: $90 / Case

    蛋吉士果撻 Hericium mushroom is a precious type of edible, traditional Chinese mushroom. This kind of mushroom is good for our internal organs, especially the heart and blood vessels. Figs are rich in glucose and great for the digestion system, and wolfberries are widely known for its ability to improve eyesight. Prepared with quails, know as the “Animal Ginseng”, the soup is a top choice for nourishment in cold weather.

    Wingtat Quails
    Wingtat Members' Price: $10 / Pack

    AM1320Monday to Friday at 10:30 am, stay tuned for the Wingtat-sponsored AM1320 Radio Program "Kitchen Talk", Mrs. Chiu will recommend numerous delicious recipes for you!

    Click on the dates to listen to broadcast sessions:

    18th October Silkie Legs & Noodles in Soup
    24th October Braised Chicken with Noodles
    6th November Stir-fry Pork Slices & Eggs

    The Specialty Chicken & Wonton House session in the new Fairchild TV Show 《Food Buzzing》has been successfully broadcast on Sunday, October 22nd! Watch the show below:

    As a multicultural city, Vancouver is known for its diverse food culture, which offers a wide range of world famous delicacies. You might be accustomed to enjoying tasteful gourmets, but have you imagined broadening your knowledge in Vancouver’s food culture, and exploring the ethnic foods of Eastern and Western cuisines?

    An all new food appreciation program, “Food Buzzing” features 7 young hosts, including Erica Chui, Angus Yam, Suiki Zhang, Manica Ng, Steven Yang, Bridget Tse, and Lily Wong, to explore the culinary backstreets and secrets of Vancouver, in search of the most delicious and distinguished gourmets in town; from poultry to seafood, traditional Chinese cuisine to innovative Japanese cuisine, as well as the most festive food for Mid-Autumn festival, and much more. Each episode will feature popular and special restaurants and hot spots, including local agricultural farm, winery, healthy eatery, and trending food trucks, to discover the hefty plates of the tastiest, most mouth-watering and decadent dishes in town. Let us unveil the wonderful blend of fresh ingredients, cultural influences, and modern techniques behind Vancouver’s unique food culture!

    LK Semi-permanent Makeup Beauty & Skin

    LK Semi-permanent Makeup Beauty & Skin is managed by Nikki, an eyebrow and lip expert verified by the AFBC International. She is a BC registered tattoo beauty beautician with rich experience in the beauty and fashion industry for many years, and committed to create the most fresh and natural look.

    Address: 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2

    Tel: 778-928-7928

    Wechat: 7789287928

    Wingtat Members will receive the following benefit:
    When Members bring a friend to purchase services together, Members can enjoy 50% off all semi-permanent beauty services and skin care services.

    Wingtat and Wingtat′s logo are registered trademarks of Wingtat Game Bird Packers
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